SEO Services Companies in Bangalore

Guaranteed SEO Success

Unbreakable Services guaranteed SEO success is grounded on our skills in writing perfect on-site content, meticulous off-site activity and work on over 300 technical SEO factors before presenting the web page to search engines.

Unbreakable Services team in SEO company in Jaipur is made up of gifted and SEO specialized writers, savvy digital marketers, engineering whiz kids and graphics talent, all led by capable, hands-on management team.

SEO is the highest performing digital marketing channel that directly drives ready to buy customers.

Clear focus backed by deep research facilitates discovery of relevant keywords and search terms that draw searching and ready to buy customers.

Why Unbreakable?

SEO outperforms every marketing channel driving business directly. Social media marketing and ad campaigns support SEO service Jaipur efforts in gaining strong presence & brand building and delivers the best return on investment.

At Unbreakable, SEO strategies are planned around each client business securing wide coverage and building strong link network to deliver high impact inbound marketing success.

Over the years Unbreakable’s  SEO team has gained an excellent understanding of all the factors Google considers for ranking successful websites. The team is fully up-to-date with the constant improvements and changing algorithms on a daily basis and further strengthening rankings through content marketing and digital outreach.

SEO Audit

A thorough SEO audit will be the foundation of an SEO plan.

An good SEO audit plan is designed to discover areas for improvement in the website and uncover opportunities specific to clients domain. The SEO company in Bangalore team at Vistas AD Media conducts a comprehensive technical SEO audit prior to commencing every new project. Deploying a plethora of SEO audit tools and analysing data, search patterns and statistical information, Vistas SEO experts arrive at a strategy to effective compete in the marketplace.

Keyword Research

Researching keywords that perform, keywords that are fiercely competitive and filtering out underperforming key phrases are broadly some of the areas covered during the keyword research phase. The success of a SEO campaign depends on the quality of the keywords research. We witness poor quality SEO service providers fail by not focusing enough on quality keyword research.

Determining search patterns, potential volume of traffic, current quantum of searches that competitors receive are the valuable insights uncovered in the course of keyword research.

The Significance of Content in SEO

Search engines are driven by content. All types of relevant content has to be presented to search engines for that all important early recognition and eventual prominent positioning. Following the keyword research, we build authoritative content around those shortlisted keywords and present to search engines to recognize and index in its database. Among the numerous content building methods, content posted on the website, through blogs associated with the URL, published articles and social media posts are the most valid.


Blogging presents exceptional content building opportunities. Blogs are popular as useful insights, tips and are packed with personalised information on a given subject. Each post can be dedicated to a product or service through keyword rich copy and targeted at a specific audience. Blog posts support SEO efforts by presenting the fresh content it carries to eagerly awaiting search engines.


Service Pages

Service pages details our services and skills, searching customers are likely to land on service page as they search for a specific service. SEO team at Vistas will leverage service pages to the full extent detailing capabilities, benefits to customer and possibly pricing details if that is relevant and helpful. An excellent place to differentiate and present USP’s.


Product Pages

Pages dedicated to products are the first and ideal position to promote the company’s products. Elaborate descriptions, keyword rich expert information and benefits to customer.

The place and platform to talk about our product to the extent that we want is the products page. Provide images, descriptions and provide detailed information on each item together with dimensions, available colours, choice of sizes available, ingredients or material details. Another opportunity to be a step ahead of competition with our know how of our products.